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Cold Stream Pond is located within the towns of Lowell, Lincoln and Enfield.  With a surface area of 3,628 acres, the lake has more than ten miles of shoreline.  This frontage includes over three miles that are zoned as resource protection (250’ setback).  But, with about 420 lake-front properties, storm-water runoff from roads, homes and lawns cause erosion and sedimentation which have become the most important problems we face in protecting the water quality for future generations.

The Cold Stream Camp Owners’ Association (CSCOA), now with over 140 members, was reformed in 1994 to educate the public about shoreline protection and water quality issues.  As a 501c-3 non-profit organization, all dues and donations are tax deductible. 

Some activities supported by member dues and our annual bake sale include:

  • Demonstration projects along roads that show how to control runoff and reduce erosion
  • Lake surveys done by volunteers to document problem areas
  • Semi-annual newsletters sent to all members (past issues available on-line)
  • Other direct mailings to all 400 + lake front property owners
  • Annual Water Quality Grant ($1500 to correct significant erosion problems near the lake)
  • Annual donation to support Maine’s Congress on Lake Associations
  • Member volunteers and annual donation to Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program
  • Coordination of annual loon count in cooperation with the Maine Audubon Society
  • In 2011, we paid for a HS student to work with fishery biologists to do creel samples at our boat ramp.

In addition to the above self-supporting activities, our association receives financial aid from the Town of Enfield for Lake Water Quality Preservation.  Using those donations, CSCOA has continued to upgrade Enfield camp roads to eliminate the problem of uncontrolled storm water runoff.  The recent publication of our Lake Survey by the Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District proves that our efforts have been successful.  It states that “private road issues make up 20% of identified problems – a dramatic improvement from the 1999 watershed survey where they made up 55%.” 

Some actions we have taken include:

  • Grade and crown roads to get storm water off and slow pothole growth that creates silt
  • Reshape, re-vegetate and clean out roadside ditches
  • Rip rap ditches and erect check dams on steep slopes
  • Install larger culverts to prevent freezing that allows runoff to overflow and erode roads
  • Build plunge pools and settling ponds to prevent erosion and trap silt

Undoubtedly most of these measures would not have been completed without the support of the Town of Enfield and we’d like to thank the Budget Committee, Town Manager, Board of Selectmen and all residents for their support of Cold Stream Pond.

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