2017 Boat Parade
Saturday , July 1, 2017

Starts at Webb Cove  1:00 PM
Registration information and forms here.

EPA 319 Watershed Protection Project Implementation Begins

Camp owners around Cold Stream Pond can now apply for grant funding to implement conservation measures on their property. Practices eligible for cost-sharing will include establishing buffer vegetation, dripline trenches, dry wells, erosion control mulching, infiltration steps, pathways, plunge pools, rubber diversion razors, reshaping of driveways, turnouts, bank stabilization, rip-rapping, open-top culverts, and other best management practices (BMPs).

Funding from the grant will cover up to 75% of the cost of the conservation measures at each property. Land owners will be responsible for providing a match of 25%. This does not have to be cash!  Labor and/or materials are considered “contributions-in-kind” and are accepted as a match.  Highest priority for receiving grant funding will go to properties identified as sites that have the greatest potential for reducing sediment run-off into the lake.  Visits by certified LakeSmart volunteers will be used to develop site-specific plans and rank the sites.

Also under the grant, the CSCOA will expand implementation of the LakeSmart program which began in in 2015. At the request of landowners, certified volunteer screeners will visit lakeside properties to evaluate the property’s ability to prevent sediment and other pollution from entering the lake. A detailed list of recommendations and appropriate BMPs will be provided to each landowner following the visit. Properties which qualify for LakeSmart will receive 2 metal signs to post on the property. Contact Laurie Fenwood (lakeSmart@fenwood.org  phone 207-732-4320)  for more information or to schedule a LakeSmart visit.

Later this summer, work will begin on implementing high-priority road improvement projects. These may include reshaping, armoring, and vegetating ditches; stabilizing culvert inlets and outlets with stone; installing check dams and plunge pools; creating turn-outs and diversions; and re-shaping and crowning. For the next two years, the 319 grant project will replace the regular CSCOA Buffer and Water Quality grant program. Check back here  for updates.

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The Cold Stream Campowners' Association is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the water quality of Cold Stream Pond.  Our semi-annual newsletter and this website offer members and visitors a wealth of information about our lake and how we can all protect this wonderful natural resource. We invite you to learn more about CSCOA by reviewing our past newsletters.

The Cold Stream Campowners' Association participates in LakeSmart, a program of the Maine Lakes Society. Click the LakeSmart link to the left for more information.             

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