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2020 water Quality Grants

This year, two camp owners used our online form to apply for a Shorefront Property Owner Assitance Grant. After applying, each property had a LakeSmart evaluation to determine eligibility and suggest projects that might be funded by a grant. Each has been approved for up to $600 in matching funding from the CSCOA for projects designed to improve water quality by reducing sediment run-off into the lake. Receiving the funding will be contingent on completing a cost-share agreement, implementing appropiate projects, and documenting a matching contribution of at least 40% of the total cost for materials and labor.

We also had applications for funding of three Camp Road Projects. The Water Quality Grant Committee reviewed and approved two projects on Cedar Rest Road, to be matched by the Town of Enfield, and one project on Go Devil Road, to be matched by the Town of Lincoln. The Cedar Rest projects will include ditch and culvert improvements to reduce silt-laden run-off into the lake (approved for a grant of up tp $1,860.)The Go Devil work will address run-off from the road in the vicinity of the Town’s primitive boat access (approved for a grant of up to $475.)

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